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Tony Gwynn Inteview Part 4: His favorite baseball movie

I found it difficult to come up with questions for Tony Gwynn.  He's given so many interviews over the years that I feel like I know his answers before the question is even asked.  I was really trying to avoid topics that he has already discussed at length.  I wanted to ask him some more off the wall questions, but also wanted to remain respectful.

Pad Squad Elizabeth suggested I ask him his favorite baseball movie.  Try and guess the movie before listening to his answer:

I like how he audibly thinks about his answer, it makes me laugh.

I asked him his thoughts on the movie Field of Dreams since the promotion he's doing for Pepsi Max is tied into the movie.  I asked him who he identifies with in the movie now when he watches it.  Is it the father, the son or the baseball legend hanging out in a corn field in Iowa?