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Padres are first pro team to pledge not to use racial, sexual or religious slurs

The Padres are the first professional sports team to sign GLSEN's pledge (PDF).

We pledge to:

  • Avoid using language, name-calling or slurs that put others down because of such differences as race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or religion.
  • Remind teammates who use "put down" language that "that’s not ok on our team."
  • Treat all teammates with respect.
  • Believe that Team Respect is a winning strategy: When each team members feel safe and respected, they can play their best for the team.
  • Take leadership to set an example of respect for students in our school as well as opposing teams and fans.

Signed: The San Diego Padres

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent, Bill Kowba hopes they will be role models for student athletes around the county:

"We applaud the Padres for signing this pledge, and we hope that the students involved in athletic teams throughout the District follow their great example,"