Padres trade suggestions

I'm just throwing some ideas out, feel free to blow them to pieces at your heart's content. All the experts in the room, at least show me what you can come up with.

Padres trade 3B Chase Headley to Cardinals for OF Colby Rasmus & P Casey Mulligan

Right up front, I don't like Headley very much. For all the talk about being a savior and a power hitter he can't hit for power any more than Sean Burroughs. He is a good defender and can get on base, but that plus his price means we can’t afford to keep him around. We have James Darnell waiting in AAA and Jedd Gyorko right behind him so we have options for 3B in the near future. I want more power out of that position and will trade him to a team with power to spare in need of a 3B. With Headley there, the Cards get a long term solution who can provide some great OBP and very good defense over Freeze and others. Rasmus could team with Maybin to give Petco two outstanding defensive outfielders with good pop and good speed. He would be a huge upgrade from Venable and desperately wants out. Mulligan is a AA pitcher with a unique action as a right hander who can get out left handers. He would provide some good bullpen depth and give the team a unique addition pitcher without the fail of Pat Neshak.

Padres trade P Mike Adams & LHP Wade Leblanc to the Yankees for C Jesus Montero & RHP Andrew Brackman

I'm trading Adams for three reasons; 1) He's under control for longer and younger than Bell. This means the Yankees can lock up Adams long term as the set up man for Rivera before he retires and then the job goes to Adams. This means the Yankees don't have a closer problem like would be the case with trading Bell (2 month rental + wants to close period). 2) Adams is getting alot more attention and thought of higher then Bell, in part because of #1. 3) If the Padres decide to keep Bell they can not only bridge the gap between current bullpen and the young guys like Spence/Brach as well as show the Padres will keep some of their stars. If your going to keep someone keep a great face that wants to stay here and take a San Diego discount. Plus I'd toss in Leblanc as a left handed specialist, I don't care just get rid of him.

Montero is redundant in the system, they don't need a 1B or a DH (have those in spades) and they have sufficient backup catchers in Sanchez and Romine along with Martin and Posada still there. Montero has power for days, he's stewing in AAA. We need a real upgrade over hundley, who I'm ready to cut bait on. Put Montero in the majors watch him blast the ball even in Petco. He might not be a long term catcher but let's see how long he'll go. He's a big powerful player. Brackman is improving off an injury and is projected as a closer, something they don't need with Adams in short or long term. He might not be our closer but would be another stockpiled reliever

Padres trade OF Ryan Ludwick to the Phillies for OF Jiwan James

The Phillies need pitching but they also need some good hitting in the outfield especially with little production out of Brown/Francisco/Ibanez. Ludwick has shown great hitting ability.  The Phillies need some more offense and for a fairly low price, the Padres are willing to oblige. If anything they need Ludwick out of the way so that Blanks can start. Jiwan James is a left handed speed demon who is a perfect lead off hitter (think Fuentes but with ability to hit it OUT of the infield). He's seen as a fast rising prospect who would fit well in the petco system. For another if combined with Spandenburg it'd make a formidable, fast OBP machine at 1-2, something the padres haven't had since the 90s.

Padres trade SS Jason Bartlett, P Dustin Moseley & RHP Chad Qualls to Milwaukee Brewers for RHPs Robert Hinton, Eric Arnett and Matt Miller

If the Brewers are legitimately happy with Betancourt at SS I'll eat my hat. Yes Bartlett has not been as good as advertised but he'd be a marked improvement over Betancourt and at the lower part of an order on a winning team, I’m sure magically we would see improvement in Bartlett's game. Qualls was expected to be traded and would provide some good veteran bullpen support to the Brewers. Moseley is pitching better then expected and has shown great talent, something the Brewers need in the back end of their rotation. Hinton is a good fastball slider pitcher who strikes people out (sound familiar) and Miller is a dominating power right hand pitcher in low A, something we are missing. Arnett is a talented pitcher two years ago who took a step backwards with his control this year. I think he's more likely to improve then to keep falling apart.

Padres trade P Aaron Harang to the Tigers for OF Avisail Garcia

The Tigers need a fifth starter, someone with experience who can play in big games. They've had nothing but trouble from that fifth spot and its questionable if they want to throw their top prospect right into the fire in a pennant chase. If they decide to go the veteran route, Harang would be a low cost alternative. Garcia will still be a teenager until June but should be in right field and is sized beyond his years at 6'4" and 232 pounds (according to the media guide). He's big and runs well but is still a baby who has been rushed alot. I basically want him in low A and just to learn as much as he can, but he has alot of talent for such a big player

And I don't know who to deal for them but PLEASE just get rid of Hudson, Hawpe and Venable by any means

So our lineup is now

C: Montero
1B: Rizzo
2B: Forsythe
SS: Cabrera
3B: Darnell
LF: Blanks
CF: Maybin
RF: Rasmus

SP: Latos, Richard, Luebke, Stauffer, Inman
RP: Bell, Gregerson, Spence, Brackman (bring him up), Brach (bring him up), Bass

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