National League vs. American League Game Thread 7/12/11

Well, it's the All Star game. Whether you like it or not, it's going to happen. Wasn't sure if someone was going to make a Game Thread for this, but I've got nothing else going on, so here it is. Oh, and Joe Buck is leading the charge with his commentary. Maybe some lively discussion will take place tonight on the air. You never know what's possible during the All Star Game. They're going through introductions right now. Quite a lot of boos for the AL guys in an NL park. That's kind of weird. Oh, it was for Russell Martin. Understandable. Anyways, best of luck tonight to OUR All Star, Heath Bell as he represents the San Diego Padres tonight. And I guess Kevin Correia too. At least he wasn't hated after he left.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  I'm rooting for the National League to win it tonight.

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