Grade the Team, Top to Bottom

Let's see what everyone thinks about the team by groups

Starting Pitching: B+ (very good with little run support)

Bullpen: A- (the top four are great, not sure about some of the younger players)

Lineup: D- (Fail)

Bench: C- (would be lower but for Denorfia and Gonzalez at least contributing)

Defense: D (some pathetic defense this year)

Catcher: D (Hundley's time is over, find someone better)

First Base: F (Nothing has worked, Rizzo isn't working but he needs time)

Second Base: D- (Hudson sucks, not sure about Forsythe)

Shortstop: D (Bartlett is not what he was sold to be)

Third Base: B+ (Headley has shown good defense and production)

Left Field: C- (Ludwick doing well considering but not that impressed)

Centerfield: B (Maybin is a big improvement over Gwynn, just needs time)

Right Field: F (Venable FAIL, massive fail, cut fish)

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