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Random Padres Thoughts

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  • I'm excited about the Padres/Nationals throwback uniform game on June 11th.  The Padres will be wearing their 1936 uniforms and the Nationals will be wearing Senator uniforms.  I thought the Senators' legacy was owned by the Rangers?  Actually now that I check Wikipedia, I see that the 1901–1960 Senators became the Twins and the 1961–1971 Senators became the Rangers.  Do the Nationals celebrate their Senator heritage?  I guess they do, since they have statues at their ballpark of former Senators.
  • Pcl_hats_0611_mediumI'm disappointed that the Promotional giveaway on the June 11th game isn't a PCL Padres hat, instead it's a PCL Padres Vintage Cap. Which means it's a regular Padres hat with a logo on the back of it.  What's vintage about it?  Maybe they did that because the original PCL Padres hat was blank, with no logo at all.
  • We're supposed to write up a series of blog posts about the draft.  Here's the thing, you won't find a person less interested in the draft than me. The only thing less interesting would be hearing about your fantasy team draft, but just barely.  Look, I have a hard time caring about some of the Padres on our actual 25 man roster right now, so I sure as hell don't care about guys that aren't even in the organization yet.  Play well, get to the Majors and then I'll consider you as someone who worthy of my limited interest.  With that said, feel free to write FanPosts and comments galore about the draft to each other, I probably won't read them, so don't make fun of me in there.
  • Former Padres third basemen Kevin Kouzmanoff was optioned today to AAA Stockton by the A's.  Kouz said "I'm surprised. Shocked. I didn't see that coming." I wonder if he has pyscho fans up there like he did here.  "You can't do this!  His gloves in the Hall of Fame!"  It's been kind of nice the last few years since the Padres parted ways with Khalil Greene and Kevin Kouzmanoff, their nutty fans have changed their allegiances or stopped following baseball.  Maybe I've become the nutty Denorfia fan and that's why I think they've all left.
  • Also we received this anonymous tip:
    "The Padres have changed their promotional schedule again. No longer are ""Hot Wheels"" being given away on Air Force Day. Not sure if Hot Wheels pulled out or if the Padres made the car-to-plane change themselves - but they certainly didn't put the little cars somewhere else on the docket.

    And no longer are they giving away ""mini-bats"" (aka- batons) on National Guard Appreciation Day. They may have realized that the image of beating down unarmed protesters was too close of a correlation to the civil rights era."