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Stadium Secret: The Petco Park Family Waiting Area

Denis Poroy

There is a place, deep underneath Petco Park, untouched by the glitz and glam of marketing and excessive sponsorship, that is sometimes visible to a select group of people who have no other relation to the Padres baseball club or the baseball club of that day's opponent other than the group of people happen to be related to someone on the Padres baseball club or the baseball club of that day's opponent.

That's right, it's the Family Waiting Area.

I have been there people, and let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, that it is a sight to behold.

Actually, it looks a little bit like a cargo area combined with a loading bay and a bunch of doors to various rooms.

Some of you, with interests other than this blog, may be wondering, When are we going to get to the Stadium Secret part? We better get to the Stadium Secret part soon or else I will do something within my power to prevent others from reading this blog post and I will write something myself that will pass as a Stadium Secret.

The Stadium Secret is this: You are not allowed to ask for autographs in the Family Waiting Area. There are signs everywhere prohibiting it. You also need to be wearing the wristband with the correct color for the day. Security everywhere will expect it of you.

Actually, that's not much of a secret I suppose.

OK. Another secret about the Family Waiting Area: They double the area as parking for the little carts that Padres employees drive around the ballpark. Also, they park the home gym thing that gets used for Axe Chin-Up Challenges between innings during the game.

Actually, maybe the most interesting thing about the Family Waiting Area: The carts that I mentioned all have various names. They aren't just like, Cart Number 1 or Red Leader. There was one cart named Old Faithful, presumably because it's an old cart, and yet faithful. Strangely enough, there was one cart named Brad Penny, presumably because ____________ ______ _________ ______ Centipede ___ ____________ on Brad Penny. I kid you not.

Other than that, if you ever decide to make your way down to the Family Waiting Area, expect to see the visiting team walk out dressed in suits while the Padres walk out dressed like normal dudes. Expect to be glared at if you decide to sit in one of the parked carts and pretend to drive it. If you're an Asian dude, expect to leave the parking area and hear autograph seekers yell things like, "Aki! Aki! Hey you're not Aki, you a__hole!"

Go Padres.