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A blog post on Fan Confidence, possible Heath Bell Trade and other weird stuff

The Padres decimated the Red Sox, supposedly one of the best teams in baseball, in their own yard in weather conditions that only they are accustom.

That's the good news.

Everything else is the bad news or just news.

There are rumors swirling about the Phillies expressing interest in Heath Bell.

Other teams confirm: The Phillies are asking around about bullpen help. And one name to keep an eye on for PHI: the Padres' Heath Bell.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

As much as I like and respect Heath Bell's game, he barely gets an opportunity to pitch because the Padres rarely have the lead in the 9th inning. Before his save on Tuesday he hadn't pitched since 6/13. With the Padres 12 games below .500 and 10 games out of first in the NL West it's time to start making the tough decisions that really are becoming easier by the day.

Would I trade him? Yes.


I've been playing a lot of Words with Friends recently. That's Scrabble for all of you people without smart phones. Heath Bell is like the letter "Q". He's really only useful if you have the letter "U" or the Padres have the lead in the 9th. If you don't have a "U" and the game is winding down, your opponent has a 100 point lead and there aren't any Triple Word score boxes open, then you might as well swap out that letter "Q" and get this game over with. Otherwise when the game ends those points are coming off your score. Good analogy? Maybe a little forced? Sure.

You know what really sunk my confidence. John G. of Bolts from the Blue. He listened to Jed Hoyer's comments about the team's need to reach .500 before the All Star Break like the rest of us. The difference is that he was the only one of us that performed the complex calculations. Any of us could have done it, but I think most of us didn't want to know the truth... the cold hard facts. His comment was a reality check but it felt more like a prostate check.

There’s 16 games left before the All-Star break. To get to .500, the team would need to go 14-2 over that span (against the Braves, Royals, Mariners, Giants and Dodgers). Not that I’m disagreeing, but that’s really the first time where Jed has essentially said "it’s going to take a miracle for us to contend this year."

Yeah the Padres will be sellers. But that may not be a bad thing. As Dan Hayes said in his 619Sports Podcast. It might be a good thing for the team. They are one of the few teams that will be sellers that actually have pieces to offer contending clubs. Guys like Heath Bell and Ryan Ludwick. This is the time to gather some more young talent if it's available.

Think about all that. Then vote your confidence.