Padres Fan Visits Book Fair: Leaves Empty Handed

Which was quite convenient, since I left with fists clenched.  It's kind of hard to carry a book that way.

Books are Fun is currently holding a book fair in the lobby of Diamond View Towers, mere footsteps from our very own Petco Park.  As an avid reader, I am drawn to a book fair like moth to a flame, and yet somehow always leave these fairs disappointed, bemoaning the lack of books I have interest in.

I've been to many BAF bookfairs over the years, but this was an all-time low.  Generally speaking, their inventory tends to favor gift books, kids books, things that are not, in fact, books, and a smattering of cookbooks that might have been popular about 10 years ago.  I'm used to being disappointed in the fact that there are maybe 10 works of fiction to choose from, 5 of which I've probably already read.  This year, I found much the same, but with a sum total of zero books I'd be interested in reading.

Why then, did I leave with fists clenched?  I'm glad you asked.  The fine Books are Fun people decided there was room in their display for two baseball related books:

Let's Go, Dodgers!

Giant Surprise 

I mean, really.

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