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Adrian Gonzalez: "I'm hoping for us to sweep them"

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XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview with Scott & BR (MP3)

  • Adrian's wife Betsy is 4 months pregnant.
  • He's being thrown a lot more strikes and not walking because of the hitters he's surrounded by.  When the Red Sox hitters get a big lead you get the mop up bullpen pitchers and a 5th or 6th at bat.
  • "Petco Park was built for the pitchers."
  • Playing in Fenway is easier mentally for hitters.  "You're so much more confident at the plate."  
  • Adrian says he's been following the Padres.  "I'm pulling for them, rooting for them everyday."  He knows people are excited about Anthony Rizzo and hope they improve in the second half.
  • "I'm hoping for us to sweep them.  That's the mentality.  We're trying to win all the games as well."  He hopes the Padres turn the season around after the series against the Red Sox.
  • Adrian is looking forward to hanging out with some of his former teammates.  He plans to hang out with all the guys that were there last year.  "Once the game starts, we're playing against each other, we're competing against each other." 
  • "I'm having a great time, yeah definitely."  Last year's run was incredible, but this year the Red Sox are planning to go deep into the playoffs.
  • On his huge contract he signed with the Red Sox.  "I'm really grateful and glad to have this security."  He plays and prepares for the game the same way he always has.
  • Adrian explains how he controls his emotions.  "For me it's my relationship with God.  My focus isn't on the game.  My focus is just on my attitude."  He tries to direct everything towards the Lord.
  • Gonzalez goes out in town and he's asked to sign autographs and take pictures but he doesn't have a problem doing that. 
  • He hasn't found a place to get a good burrito yet.