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Padres fans watch team lose 5 in a row, now must hear about Boston for next 3 days

Mopey Padres First Basemen Adrian Gonzalez in San Diego looks different in Boston.
Mopey Padres First Basemen Adrian Gonzalez in San Diego looks different in Boston.
  • Well the Padres were just swept by the Twins, which brings the team's skidding tailspin to 5 losses in a row. The Twins series was billed as two crappy teams playing in a park that resembles Petco Park, but isn't. I didn't notice any similarities between the two parks, but maybe that's because Target Field was filled with cheering fans all weekend who blocked my view. The Twins themselves are 14-3 in June after they completed the sweep, not bad for a crappy team.
  • The Padres start their series in Boston tonight, which likely means the losing streak will be pushed to 8 games before the week is over. I hate Boston so much. I wish the Padres would find a little bit of pride within themselves, treat this series as if it was their playoffs and sweep the Sox. Is that asking too much?
  • I'm so sick of all the articles in the Media about the Padres and their ties to Boston. I don't want to hear about how excited Rizzo is to return to Boston. "I think any player who goes through that organization will always have some ties to the Red Sox. Their fans love the players."

    I don't want to know how flattered Dave Roberts is to be remembered in Boston, "That’s very humbling," said Roberts, "to have a career in the major leagues, yet be remembered so well in a baseball town like Boston for doing just one thing."

    And I especially don't want to hear that the only thing Adrian Gonzalez misses about San Diego is the food.

    "It was great," he said of playing in the city in which he grew up. "You know where you want to go to eat, you know all the good restaurants, you know where you enjoy playing, you have your friends there, you have your family there. The only tough thing about it is ticket requests, but if that’s the biggest issue, that’s a good thing."

  • I've really enjoyed hearing Mark Neely and Mark Grant back together for the Twins series. In my opinion they have a much better rapport than Grant and Enberg. It's a shame that Dick Enberg has announced that he will be broadcasting his final Wimbledon to focus all of his energy on the Padres.

    "The Padres have become my total thrust; that's why I gave up the NFL and NCAA with CBS this past year," he said. "I have come to realize that doing baseball is my love and have elected to devote full time to our home team."
    This isn't the first time that Enberg has vowed to quit Wimbledon. In fact he says in his book that he left England every year so exhausted that he vowed he'd never do it again. He's been saying that for 32 years.
  • Former Padres skipper Jack McKeon was just hired again by the Florida Marlins, becoming the second oldest, but really the oldest manager in history.
  • Here's a nice Father's Day article about Heath Bell from yesterday.