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San Diego Padres Fan Confidence Poll: 6/2/2011

The Pads are coming off another decent road trip. Last time they played .500 on the road, but scored zillions of runs. This time they went 4-2. The questions still remains, can they win at Petco Park? Last home stand was brutal, almost unwatchable. Have things changed? There's one way to find out.

ESPN would lead us to believe that we should just give up now since we have practically no chance of making the post season.

Playoff Odds Slim -

According to ESPN, of the 88 teams to make the playoffs in the 2000s, 61 of them (69 percent) were within a game of a playoff spot at the end of May.

Just 12 of those 88 teams that made it to October (14 percent) headed into June with a losing record.

Only eight of those 88 teams (9 percent) were five games or more out of a playoff spot when they arrived at June.

Only four of those 88 teams (5 percent) were more than five games under .500 at the end of May.

I'll just say this, Cool Standings gave the 2010 Padres a 97.2% chance of making the post season. Look where that got us. I don't put too much stock in these kind of stats, especially when there are over 100 games left to play in the season.

I'm kind of wishy washy today in my fan confidence. They need to start severely beating teams at home before my confidence rises over a 50.

Last week your confidence averaged 56%

Go Padres!