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Around the Mission: 6/16 Padres Links

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  • PADRES: Chacin stymies Padres as Rockies win 6-3
    "It is frustrating. That's how it is," he scowled. "That's how baseball is."

  • PADRES NOTES: Struggling Cantu designated for assignment
    "This is a business and this can happen," Cantu said. "I couldn't get things going. I couldn't deliver."

  • Padres chat with U-T columnist Bill Center
    Bill Center: You are not going to designate them. I could see maybe one if the decision was made to promote Blanks. Johnson got the nod over Phillips as the No. 2 catcher because defense takes precedent in that role. Gonzalez is a capable middle infield reserve, certainly a very good glove. Venable is going to get the rest of this season. Cantu better start hitting

  • Every day is Father's Day for Bell - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
    "When I’m on the mound, I think of my family and that I’m doing what I can to provide for my kids," he says. "Jasmyne’s my oldest, so I have the kids around my neck . . . Before the game, I’ll rotate the relaxing balls in my hand — that’s my wife, soothing me. My camo shirt represents what my dad went through in the Marines. He showed me how to play baseball.

  • Padres designate Cantu for assignment | News
    "The role I had, obviously, wasn't to play every day, but the opportunities that [Black] gave me, which I'm very thankful for, I just couldn't deliver. I understand. But this isn't the end of the world. I know what I'm capable of doing as a baseball player. ... I'm just going to take it easy for now, go back to San Diego and regroup, and just wait for another opportunity. I'll still keep my chin up."

  • San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies - June 15, 2011 | SD Recap
    "We have some guys who no doubt have to cut down the strikeouts," Black said. "We have some strikeout guys in our lineup, but we've got to make sure that the strikeouts come when they're supposed to come. With that, I mean there are certain situations where you've got to put the bat on the ball. A lot of times it's easier said than done, but with the strikeouts, we've seen it all year, we've got to make the most of our at-bats."

  • Early MLB All-Star returns prove same old point -
    "Just the way it is," said Headley. "I’m not complaining, but it’s like that every year. You’d like to think it’s the best players, and if that means six of eight position players are Yankees or Red Sox, so be it. But when you’ve got those much bigger markets, where people care, where you have 40,000-something people at every game voting, it’s gonna happen.

  • Rockies slice up Padres; Cantu off roster -
    "I threw the ball fine," said Latos, tagged with four of the runs and a 4-8 record. "(Todd) Helton got a weak base hit. (Carlos) Gonzalez got a weak base hit. (Charlie) Blackmon, weak base hit. Looking back, honestly, only one ball was hit hard, and that was (Troy) Tulowitzki’s (second-inning) double. "You know, that’s how baseball is. Helton hits a curveball maybe 100 feet. … Last time, Helton got me with a home run. This time, he got me with a … I don’t even know what I can say that was."