Thank you, Gaslampians... and a request for help.

Not long ago, I came to this fine community and asked for advice on my first visit to your beautiful ballpark. You guys stepped up big time and my fmaily, friends and I had an outstanding day about in San Diego, culminating with a visit to Petco.

The tip to park at the Convention Center was money! Literally and figuratively.

My favorite part of your park was the Park at the Park (alliteration is my friend). Mainly because it kept my 4 year old busy and, even though I was watching the game on a giant television, I still felt like I was at the game. Truly an awesome concept.

Now for my "help" request.

My favorite team, the Oakland Athletics, are currently stuck in a limbo. It is complicated, but the team needs a decision from Bud Selig to take the next step.

Essentially, it boils down to:

  • The A's want to move to San Jose
  • The Giants don't want the A's to move to San Jose
  • A's owner Lew Wolff is done talking with Oakland because there is no where to build (according to him)
  • Oakland wants to talk to the A's about building a stadium

To sort this whole soap opera out, as you may or may not know, Bud Selig started a "Blue Ribbon Panel" to study the A's options... This was 822 days ago.

We A's fans would like Mr. Selig to speak up already. We aren't asking for anyone to advocate for a particular city, we would just like our fellow baseball fans help in demanding a decision on what comes next from the Commish. It is our feeling that once he makes a recommendation it will spur the end of our purgatory, be it in Oakland or San Jose.

Please join our facebook group and email Bud ( and implore him to end our limbo.

Thanks for reading, and go Padres!

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