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Adrian Gonzalez takes All-Star voting lead, will he boycott?

Former Padre Adrian Gonzalez has now surpassed Mark Teixeira and is leading the All Star voting for AL First Basemen with 2,027,537 votes.

It'll be interesting to see if now that he is a star in Boston and in the National spotlight if he'll still try to boycott the All-Star Game in Arizona because of Arizona's passage of the SB 1070 illegal immigration law.

Here's Adrian's comments from Tom Krasovic's article on May 2, 2010:

"I'll support the Players Association 100 percent," said Gonzalez, who grew up in both Tijuana and a suburb south of San Diego. "If they leave it up to the players and the law is still there, I'll probably not play in the All-Star Game. Because it's a discriminating law.

"I know it can't be done, but they should take spring training out of (Arizona) if it's possible."