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Jed Hoyer's Draft Postmortem

Garfinkel and Hoyer
Garfinkel and Hoyer

I went to the game yesterday with Gaslamp Baller TFast, who is a long time Season Ticket Holder and friend of Jon's. As a Season Ticket Holder she was invited to the Padres Speaker Series and as a friend of hers I was invited to accompany her after Jon declined. I think the Padres do this sort of thing occasionally to add value for those who buy season tickets. Membership has its privileges.

Yesterday's speaker was Padres General Manager Jed Hoyer and to a lesser extent President/COO Tom Garfinkel. Jed was there to do a postmortem on the draft. Tom was there to field any other questions about the organization.

I recorded the audio of the hour long event. If you're into the draft it might be something your interested in. As someone who isn't, it was a little boring, but I'll post it anyway.

Padres Speaker Series - Hoyer on the draft.mp3