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Around the Mission: 6/12 Padres Links

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  • Rizzo launches first Major League homer | News
    After the game, the 21-year-old lefty was able to retrieve his first home run ball. In exchange, Rizzo offered an autographed bat and some signed baseballs. "It's more important for my family [to get the ball back]," Rizzo said. "I'm going to probably give it to my parents. I'm really more happy for them than I am for myself."

  • Rotation a question as Padres drop second straight 2-1 decision -
    "I’ve made so much progress the last two days, I feel like I’m healing up pretty good," said Moseley, who threw on the side Saturday afternoon. "We’ll see."

  • Upon further review, Padres lose another one -
    "I figured by the way it ricocheted, that it was a foul ball," said Ludwick, who knows that corner’s caroms intimately as the Padres’ left fielder. "Playing out here, you kind of see how the wall’s angled. For it to ricochet that hard (and) that far left, I thought it was going to get reversed."

  • Gwynn, SDSU working on new 3-year deal -
    Gwynn’s current contract, signed in 2008, called for him to make $115,020 annually. As part of that contract, he reports outside income from other sources. For example, in 2009, Gwynn reported anticipated revenue of $40,000 from speaking engagements, $135,000 for TV appearances with Cox and and TBS, $60,000 in commercials for El Cajon Ford and $200,000 from the Padres.

  • Latos Is Talking About His Stats Again
    But to hear the night’s starting pitcher quote his stat line after a loss sounds selfish and detached. It was Latos who (once again) gave up an early homer to put his team in the hole. The loss goes by his name and even in an otherwise good performance taking anything less than full responsibility sounds bad.

  • The Blog Turns Ten | Ducksnorts
    "I cannot thank you enough for your generous gift of readership."

  • Ex-Padre's ex-girlfriend seeks new trial -
    "Mr. Giles was untruthful in his testimony so that he could claim victory over Cheri Olvera, the woman he abused on camera, assuming this Court is powerless to undue this tainted victory," the motion states.

  • Moseley, Harang questionable for next starts | News
    "We're giving [Moseley] and Harang time, because we don't need to tell the other players [who may start in their place] yet," manager Bud Black said. "There is a possibility that we might have a starter on Monday and we might have a starter on Tuesday different from Moseley and Harang."

  • PADRES NOTES: Moseley, Harang could miss next starts
    "We could also use someone out of our bullpen," Black said. "Harang has had an MRI and X-rays, and nothing shows up as to why he's sore. Can he pitch with it? Maybe not.

  • PADRES: Rizzo's homer not enough
    "The first-inning ball was a top-spin liner. If I had it to do over, I'd be less aggressive, but I thought I could catch it. "I think our pitchers want us to be aggressive, but it probably cost us the game. It sucks. But it's a hang with 'em."

  • insidethepadres: Rizzo snapshot
    "Our veteran guys like a (Matt) Stairs and a Pudge Rodriguez are just watching him and saying they're impressed with the way he's taking pitches and not offering at bad pitches," Riggleman told West Coast Bias.