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Game Thread: 6/11 Padres vs. Nationals

I really wish I was going to the game tonight. Our Padres are celebrating their 75th anniversary by wearing their 1936 PCL uniforms while the Nationals sport the 1936 Washington Senators uniforms. Look how awesome our boys look in their black and white pinstripes with their high socks...


via MLB Awareness Channel

ANYWAY, last night was a tough one-run loss. Mat Latos made one costly mistake, resulting in a two run home run to Michael Morse. Those two runs were enough to lift the Nationals over the Padres, who scored only one run on four hits. We had our opportunity to take the lead in the sixth. After scoring one run, the Padres loaded the bases with one out and Anthony Rizzo due up. He worked the count full, and Padres fans were going nuts. It seemed like a sure thing. But he struck out. Jorge Cantu followed up with a grounder to end the inning. The game was frustrating to say the least, but the Padres have a chance to rebound tonight in game 3 of the 4-game series against the Nats.

Tonight we face John Lannan on the mound. He is coming off a great outing in which he allowed just one hit on four runs in seven innings, but got the no-decision when the Nationals bullpen blew their 4-1 lead. Similarly, Clayton Richard went for seven innings in his last start, giving up one run on five hits. He also struck out a season-high eight batters, but recorded a loss as the Padres were shut out.

Moseley moved up another spot in the lineup tonight and Headley and Hundley are back in after getting last night off. Hopefully Clayton will continue his performance from his last start, and our offense can back him up with some run support.


#Padres lineup vs. #Nats: Denorfia 8, Bartlett 6, Headley 5, Ludwick 7, Rizzo 3, Hundley 2, Hawpe 9, Forsythe 4, Richard 1.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply