Top 5 Most Hated Padre Players

For this FanPost, I think it would be interesting for all of us to think of our top 5 most hated players to ever soil a Padres uniform. Feel free to make a simple list of 1 thru 5 or an elaborate description of each player. My top 5 most hated Padres players are as follows:

5. Kevin Kouzmanoff: Kouzmanoff should be honored to grace a top 5 list of any kind, considering he was finally demoted to the Athletics' AAA affiliate earlier this week after batting an abysmal .221/.262/.353 this season. In terms of OPS, his production has declined every year he has been a starter. No plate discipline, no personality, and just witnessing the unwarranted longevity of him as our starting third baseman makes him #5 on my list.

4. Matt Stairs: When looking at Stairs' overall numbers last year, most of us got what we expected. Stairs did not hit for average, but did hit six home runs in just a tick under 100 at bats for us. I did not hate Stairs as much as he annoyed me. It seemed like their were more times I could count last season where he would be in the midst of atrocious slump after atrocious slump and then hit a somewhat meaningful home run or extra base hit just to buy himself another week or two on the roster. He would repeat doing this to the point where I just did not want to look at him anymore.

3. Rob Johnson: Why is Rob Johnson in the Major Leagues? I think it is insulting for any MLB team owner to subject fans to watch a player who, over his MLB career, has batted a whopping .196/.273/.290 in 197 career games. However, as bad as these numbers are, his numbers with the Padres are actually far worse at .174/.224/.453. I think Jed Hoyer has been brilliant so far as a GM, but what on earth was he thinking with Rob Johnson? I don't even think Rob Johnson could hit .300 in Single A Colorado Springs (if there was such a place, as Colorado Springs is actually the Rockies' AAA affiliate's ballpark--an absolute hitter's haven. Just think Coors Field on steroids). Please Jed Hoyer, rid us of this plague that is Rob Johnson.

2. Doug Mirabelli: Enough said...

1. David Eckstein: Although many would disagree with me, the reason David Eckstein is #1 on my list is not solely due to the fact that he has been a poor producer for the Padres. It is largely due to the fact that many fans actually think he's good, when in fact he numbers suggest far otherwise. In his two seasons for the Padres, his defense has been average at best and his overall numbers were roughly .263/.322/.651. Simply put: crap. He chipped in an additional three home runs in nearly 950 at bats for the Padres. "But think of all the intangibles he brings--his heart, his perseverance, his leadership in the clubhouse" is what many of you are probably thinking. Well, obviously all of these invaluable intangibles for (s)crappy David Eckstein were not enough considering every team, not just the Padres, passed on the opportunity for his services in the off season. Can anyone recall a starting position player who never officially lost his job simply not being signed in the off season? It's not like Eckstein could have commanded a contract of more than $1-$2 million and no one wanted him anyway. Once again, one of the focal reasons I hated him with every fiber in my body is because he fooled so many Padre fans into thinking he was actually a productive player. Some fans were even as sad as seeing Eckstein go as they were in seeing Adrian Gonzalez go--ridiculous. That's like comparing a filet mignon from Donovan's to something a rummaging rat would be reluctantly gnawing on inside a dumpster outside McDonald's.

So there you have it--my five most hated Padre players. Some of my honorable mentions include:

Mark Bellhorn

Josh Geer

Wade LeBlanc

Duaner Sanchez

Walter Silva

Edwin Moreno

Josh Wilson

Oscar Salazar

Will Venable

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