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Padres Wives collecting clothes and money for Tornado victims

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The Padres wives organized a clothing drive and are raising money at tonight's game for the victims of the tornadoes in Alabama. You can read the story in the Union-Tribune or Dallas Latos' piece on Friarhood to get all the pertinent information.

I haven't read either of those stories yet, but the Padres wives were in attendance at last night's BeerFest and I talked to Mrs. Latos about the event. Here's seven things I learned.:

  1. The event was born from an email plea from Josh Willingham's wife who has ties to the great state of Alabama. She sent an email to the baseball wives email list on Tuesday and now every team in the Majors is supporting the effort.
  2. There is a baseball wives email list. I pleaded with Mrs. Latos to get me on that list.
  3. Padres fans can support the effort tonight starting at 3:30. You can bring cash, checks or clothing to Petco Park and they'll be collected by the wives at all the gates. For a $20 donation you can bring one item to be signed by Padres players.
  4. From what I understand the signing area will hold 300 people. I'm not sure what happens if they get more than 300 people who make donations and want to get signatures.
  5. I asked if the clothing needed to be cleaned. She wasn't sure but she was sure that she wouldn't be washing the clothing.
  6. Each person can bring one item to be signed, but they can get it signed by all the players.
  7. I asked if a fan could pay $40 and bring two items. She wasn't sure but that might be a possibility.

For some reason my mind instantly was thinking of how to cheat the system. Like if the Padres have to sign any item of your choosing, could you choose that they sign their own check for $40 and then keep repeating this ploy so that you can keep getting more and more signatures? It'd be kind of like if you get three wishes from a genie and with your first wish you wish for three more wishes.

Then I remembered this is for charity and that I should stop being so weird.