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Around the Mission: 5/5 Padres Links

  • Padres have given the faithful little hope of improvement -
    "I know everybody booed that I didn’t run," the Padres shortstop explained after the Pirates’ 7-4 victory over the Home Team. "He (Winters) said I went and I said, ‘At least check it for me.’ But they usually won’t do that on strike three."
  • Pirates rip error-prone Padres -
    Boos greeted the Padres as they walked off the field. There were more boos on other occasions, including in the Padres sixth when Jason Bartlett didn’t run out a third strike that got away from Doumit.

  • Padres’ Matinee is a Throw Away
    None of it did much to change the blahs in the ballpark. The few in attendance spent some of the day booing the home team, including shortstop Jason Bartlett in the sixth, after he struck out on a ball in the dirt but failed to run to first base.

  • PARIS: So now the Padres can't play defense, either?
    When right fielder Will Venable catches a lazy fly ball and a sarcastic cheer ensues -- in the fourth inning, no less -- you know the leather has failed.

  • PADRES: Correia, Doumit lead Pirates
    "It wasn't really a big deal for me," Correia said of pitching against the Padres. "I've pitched here a lot over the years, and it's just kind of been there, done that now. I didn't really put a lot of significance into it."

  • Pittsburgh Pirates at San Diego Padres - May 4, 2011 | SD Recap
    "I think, for the most part, that we have played pretty good defense," Headley said. "But we have definitely done a lesser job of minimizing our mistakes. But the times that it has happened ... it's killed us."

  • insidethepadres: Correia's return
    "But I wasn't really concerned," he said. "It's not some large amount of money, where these guys are making $24 million a year...If some guy wins 20 games and he's making $20 million a year -- I already have four (wins) and I'm making $4 (million). So everything after this is a bonus, then.