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San Diego Padres Fan Confidence Poll: 5/5/11

It's ironic that these Fan Confidence Polls are now sponsored by Gillette, because I might use one of their Gillette Fusion Proglide razors to slit my wrists. How's that for product placement?

If you tell me that you have a lot of confidence in this team right now, I'm not sure I believe you. In fact I might even call you a liar. That's because I'm not sure that a rational human being could possibly find anything to be confident about when watching these games.

The only exception might be those few of you Pollyanna type fans out there. It's not that I believe you are confident either, but I believe that you believe that you are confident.

I'm not saying the Padres still can't turn things around, because they can, but in order to do so, they'll need to do everything opposite of what they're doing now.

It's like that episode of Seinfeld where George does everything opposite. If everything the Padres do is wrong then the opposite would have to be right.

Go Padres! Do the opposite!

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