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Before the Blog: 8/11/1999

I recently found an archive of 3 years worth of old emails from 1998 to 2001. The basic premise behind "Before the Blog" is that I search the emails for references to the Padres and then post one of the emails each week for our collective enjoyment.

The 1999 Padres won 14 games in a row from 6/18/99 to 7/2/99. Then they only won 3 games between 7/23/99 and 8/13/99. They were in the middle of a horrific 7 game losing streak on the morning of August 11th. Gwynn had collected his 3000th hit the week prior.


On that morning, Dex and I were trying to round up players for our team The Fighting Catfish in our second season of Adult League Baseball. I was complaining to him about how wild my arm was and bragging about my new 450 MHz Pentium III computer with a 9.52 GB hard drive. I also forwarded Dex the latest Dawson's Creek e-Newsletter.

Sent: Wed 8/11/1999 10:06 AM
Subject: RE: Yes, I've been here before

I didn't call Clarissa last night. I was going to but
I fell asleep in front of the television. Sucks to be
the Padres when you can't win a freakin game. I
got Jon's number and left him a message
but he never called back. You'll have to DH for the
Catfish. Don't argue. It's what's best for the team.
If you want to check your RAM, right mouse click My
Computer and click Properties. The computer I share
with the other student worker has 110 MB of RAM.
Two of it is being used for video even though it just
needs one. The other student worker saw that I'm on
the Dawson's Creek newsletter, then he saw that you
forwarded the newsletter along to me again. So not
only do I get it from the source, I also get it from my
friends. He called me a girl.