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How to determine confidence when you're not really paying attention

I've been crazy busy at work so I haven't been blogging a whole lot. I've tend to keep up with the Padres by being told by others how they are doing. For example, I'll pass someone at work and say, "How about them Padres, eh? MAN!" and then I'll nod knowingly and then right after, shake my head disbelievingly.

Their response then dictates to me how the team is doing.

Without looking, I can confidently tell you that the team is not doing well. I have learned recently that Will "Pure Skill" Venable has been sent to AAA to add his level of thrill to the amazing Future Friars.

I can also tell you that this season may or may not be a lost cause. I'm pretty sure it's not a lost cause because we're getting a new TV deal soon and there ain't no way that the Padres want to go into expanded coverage with a lame duck season.

Or maybe they do. What do I know.

Maybe it's not a lost cause because it's only May and we've all seen movies where a team is able to turn things around.

Either way, let's be honest. It's kind of a lost cause. I'm hoping that this is reverse karma and the team really will turn it around, but they won't. They've given up. First base is terrible. The hitting is terrible terrible. The pitching is "great", but I'm not so sure even about that.

In any case. It's all over. Just go ahead and give up. We aren't turning it around this year. Sorry we couldn't send you off better Channel 4.

My current confidence: 0