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Random Padres Thoughts

  • I've been hearing talk about Chris Denorfia's Wikipedia page as something Padres fans must read.  Maybe my humor isn't calibrated correctly to find this funny, it was built up too much or my taste in comedy is too refined, but I don't get it.  Which part is supposed to be funny, the nicknames?  I asked Dex if he thought it was funny, he said "I'm trying real hard to laugh it's just not happening. Maybe I have too much respect for Wikipedia."

  • I noticed last night while perusing our Padres Players Twitter List that no Major League Padres have tweeted since Bud Black's closed door meeting.  I guess I missed Friarhood's earlier tweet on the subject.  I don't feel like we're missing out on much. I'm pretty disappointed in the current crop of Padres tweeters, they're so dull.  Just about every tweet from them is "Where should I eat?" then there is no follow up telling us where they decided to eat!  This is not good fan interaction.
  • Speaking of Anonymous Tips, we never get any good ones. Here's one we got recently.  "Jeff Moorad is bringing back the brown, if you know what I mean." No I have no idea what you mean.  Unless it means someone is tipping us off that Moorad is in the restroom.  Then I know exactly what that means and it's gross.
  • Is it fair to compare a slow offensive game at Petco to watching a foreign film?  Or a character study in 16th century France?  Or perhaps a really boring science fiction movie?  Like do you have to really pay attention to the small details in order get anything from it at all.  Are fans that like high scoring games in small ballparks the same ones that like mindless action movies?  Is that why they are looked down upon by high brow baseball fans because they don't appreciate the subtle nuances of a game played at Petco?
  • A long time ago we wondered at a game if a player could throw a ball from home plate into the seats in the Petco Porch.  Bob Scanlan wrote a blog today about the benefits of playing long toss.  I asked him this question and he said in his prime he could do it since he threw 330 feet and the wall is 322.
  • The lighting in the men's bathroom at Petco Park is amazing.  It does wonders for your complexion.  Whenever I check myself in the mirror I'm surprised to see an aging Haley Joel Osment staring back at me and I can't look away.