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Padres Fan Confidence has been stimulated: 5/19/2011

That last road trip did wonders for our Fan Confidence. It probably has less to do with the Padres 4-4 record and more about the team scoring billions of runs. That's proof that fans are confident that they love offense, but do we love it more than winning? The results are scientifically inconclusive at this point.

If I remember correctly our confidence was at 45% before the road trip and now it's at 72%. Look at the graph in the upper left hand corner of the site. Look at how the poll was once flaccid but is now becoming erect. That's confidence bordering on cockiness. We went from walking around meekly in shapeless sweaters to wearing tank tops and skinny jeans.

I wonder how much the dread of being back in Petco Park will affect the confidence of the team and us? If last night is any indication it's going to act as a cold shower on our collective boners.

Vote twice. Once in the SBNation graph style poll (since that's the one being tabulated) and once in our weekly poll. Think of our weekly poll as an exit poll so we can start studying the early returns.

Go Padres!