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Padres GM Jed Hoyer talks about the road trip, Petco Park and the Disabled List

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • The team just returned from a 4-4 road trip.  "The record seems disappointing because I thought we played really well." 
  • Before the road trip the team was last in most categories.  The team is now tied for most runs scored in the month of May.
  • Some of the offensive success is due to playing offensive ballparks, but the team would still score a lot of runs at home if they continue to hit the line drives.  "I think it's part mental."
  • Hoyer says the Padres are facing pretty tough pitchers in the upcoming 5 games. "To think that we're going to come out and score 7 or 8 runs a night here is unrealistic."  They just need to score enough runs to win.
  • Most players in general play better at home.  Offensively that may never happen at Petco Park.  "We need to turn this place into a house of horrors for the opponent."  You don't want an environment where players are eager to get on the road.  Jason Bartlett and Ryan Ludwick have publicly said they like playing on the road better.  "We can't have that attitude."  With the right mentality the Padres can have a huge advantage at Petco Park.
  • The only recourse for a bad call by an umpire is to send video to the league office.  "We don't find what if anything gets said to the umpires."  It's debatable if they'll send video based on Joe West's bad call last night.  The play stalled the team's momentum. Hoyer won't say if they do contact the league office.
  • Cameron Maybin is dealing with patella tendinitis.  He might have two games off.  "His legs are his game."  He's not a candidate for the Disabled List right now.
  • Orland Hudson will be activated tomorrow.  He's playing tonight in Lake Elsinore.
  • The Tucson Padres are hitting well, but the pitching hasn't been as good.  Wade LeBlanc handles the bat well for a pitcher.  Anthony Rizzo knows his time will come and he'll just keep grinding until that time.
  • Brad Hawpe has always been a low fast ball hitter.  People underestimate the mental drain when a player is in a slump.  He's more aggressive and relaxed now.
  • Tony Gwynn said "I think last year's team was better suited to play in Petco Park."  Hoyer doesn't see any reason why this team can't play better in this park.  He thinks they are better defensively.  Gwynn think the team will figure it out.
  • Nick Hundley is eligible to come off the disabled list on Friday, but he'll be on the DL a bit longer.