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Padres Fan Confidence: A lesson in building confidence

I think a game like the game where we score a sh_t ton of runs and get a sh_t ton of hits just makes more and/or less confidence depending on how I think about it. For example, does that prove to me that the Padres are able to score runs consistently? No. Are they able to score runs? Apparently. Is something like a sh_t ton of runs possible over the course of 162 games with the worst team in the league? Yes.

I know that sounds like Debbie Downer, but I am still very close to writing off the season. The only thing that keeps me from doing so is the fact that the Giants were in our rearview for most of the seasons last season and I would've written them off some time in June.

So I guess the one thing I'm saying is that I'm confident that the season is too long.

I often feel, in my work life, that in order to be confident, I need to be well prepared. I need to know what I need to know and I need to know it to the point of knowing too much about it. Always be prepared.

For many of us, in our spiritual life, confidence relies on a blind trust and, to be perfectly honest, the willingness to ignore certain things that are placed in front of us and to not think too hard about stuff. Your deity works in mysterious ways.

So what does that mean for being a baseball fan? Should I be scientific about it and attempt to pick apart all of the statistical evidence that would maybe suggest that I should be more confident in the Padres? Would that make me feel better about the team?

Maybe I should be religious about it then. Should I just ignore the facts and believe that the Padres will take me to baseball heaven/nirvana/the great beyond? Will that make me feel better? When people try to show me evidence that the Padres suck, should I burn them at the stake? Will people think that I'm joking? What if I have a stake and lighter in my hand?

I guess for now, I have to go somewhere in between and be torn. Therefore, my vote is....