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Instead of bringing in the fences, how about hardening the infield?

While listening to Jed Hoyer's interview yesterday I thought it a little odd that he wouldn't want to play in an offensive ballpark because it would demoralize pitchers.

I think pitchers get demoralized by Petco Park in other ways, for instance their lack of run support. They may give up fewer home runs, but they aren't getting runs either especially from Padres hitters and I could see that being just as frustrating, especially when you waste a good pitching performance and don't get the win.

If I were Hoyer I'd be just as concerned about how Petco Park demoralizes the hitters and the fans. Remember what Spock said "... logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". I'd be okay with a few pissed off pitchers if it made all the hitters and the entire fan base happier.

You can't tell me that the hitters aren't demoralized and as a fan I can tell you that Petco Park has stolen part of the fun of attending baseball games for me. Baseball isn't quite the same without using the bases. I think it's just cheaper to get mediocre pitching to succeed in Petco than it is to acquire hitters.

Here's my idea taken from the Milwaukee series and another one of Hoyer's comments. Instead of the old argument to bring in the Petco Park fences, how about just hardening the infield dirt and turf? Then some of those weak ground outs, will "rocket through" as base hits. Did you see how even the second hop on ground balls would stay at a fielder's eye level? Baseballs were bouncing like super balls. If the Padres made that change they wouldn't need expensive power hitters to get runs anymore, just a bunch of guys who can make contact and play good defense.

Is that a good idea? Dex shot it down saying "I think no. I'm not sure.", but he likes to play the role of the contrarian.