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Around the Mission: 5/11 Padres Links

  • Major League Baseball rescinds appointment of assistant to Dodgers trustee -
    During a Monday morning radio appearance in New York, Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he had appointed former San Diego Padres president Dick Freeman as an assistant to Dodgers trustee Tom Schieffer. Within hours, Major League Baseball had rescinded the appointment, citing a "potential conflict."

  • San Diego Padres at Milwaukee Brewers - May 10, 2011 | SD Recap
    "Down 8-0, you've got nothing to lose," said Phillips, who had his first two hits with the Padres, including a two-run single in a four-run seventh inning to chase Marcum from a game that he appeared well in control of.

  • Richard grounded in Padres loss to Brewers -
    "We know we’re a group that’s not just going to give up," Venable said. "But at the same time, we’ve had the tying run on (late) a lot of games. I think it just speaks to the fact we need to do a better job at the beginning of the game."

  • On Local Kids and Calculated Gambles | Ducksnorts
    It’s great to see El Capitan High School product Kyle Phillips up with the club in Nick Hundley’s absence. Not that you want the one productive hitter on the world’s worst offense to land on the disabled list, but Phillips deserved the shot.

  • insidethepadres: Latos
    Think about that one. Latos is a franchise pitcher, and the Padres, one of the most conservative clubs when it comes to handling pitchers, decided an MRI wasn't needed. I saw that as an encouraging sign, one that confirmed the suggestion of scouts that the Padres used the DL to help stabilize Latos after a bumpy ride in the Cactus League.

  • insidethepadres: Forsythe
    I also don't think Black's use or non-use of Forsythe is a referendum on the 24-year-old's potential. Nor do I think a few games on the bench in the majors is an opportunity cost in terms of his development.

  • PADRES: Another day, another loss for Padres
    "Luck is just not going our way at this point," Phillips said. "With the tying run on first and anything that's hit into the gap, Bartlett's most likely going to score, if there's any chance at all he scores, he's coming around."

  • Scanlan and Weisbarth seat position during Padres Postgame show
    We switch positions at the road desk because at 6’8″ I appear much taller (even more freakishly tall, if you can imagine) when I am sitting in my usual position which is closer to the cameras at that desk.

  • Weekend Roundup: Padres Fans Play The Waiting Game
    The Padres aren’t contending this season. That much is clear after six weeks of downright depressing baseball.