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AtM: Padres day off edition

I was at the game yesterday amongst the tourists. Was I scared? Hell no. Contrary to popular belief, the Giants are the same size as normal men.

Did you guys know that Tim Lincecum's nickname is the Freak? How have I ever missed that?   The Freak has a picture book coming out. I know you guys will hate me for it, but I'd love to get a copy of that book... AND DRAW PENISES ALL OVER IT. #childish #gwynning

The sample size is small, but tThe Padres apparently can't hit again. That said, Nick Hundley will win the Triple Crown.

It looks like Steve Adler is still churning out the podcasts LIKE A BOSS. This despite the fact that he's also going to be doing Friarhood Radio on XTRA 1360 He's like a one man Padres media empire that one. 

I'll have to comment on this more later today, but San Diego was ranked as the #23 "Ultimate Sports City" by TUSL. I get it. We're not considered a mecca of sports by many, but to put us behind #22 ranked SEATTLE!?!?! HOME OF THE MARINERS!?!?! That drives me crazy.

Aaaaand in case you missed it, Cheri Olivera maybe is probably insane, or that's what the defense would have you believe!