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First Time Commenters Report for Duty

I see you lurking!
I see you lurking!

Here we are on Home Opener Eve, with nothing to do but collect Padres links, but we don't feel like collecting links.

You'll notice that we rarely ask you to sign up and comment because we trust that you'll join when you're ready. Today is the exception. It's time you signed up and made our relationship official.

We've tried this experiment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times and each time we've been pleasantly surprised by the new commenters that have joined and contributed to the site in some way.

This is your chance to finally realize your dream of becoming a Gaslamp Baller. There's some people new to the site and some long time lurkers that just need a little encouragement to join in. This is that encouragement. Comment for the first time, give us your thoughts on the team or introduce yourself.

Last year we picked up Jordan_Ming, Scout1222, Padrefanatico, creanium, choobie and TijuanaSD_Adam, among others.

Jakob Nielsen says that 95% of blog readers are lurkers, 5% contribute and .1% contribute frequently. Do you want to be part of the mainstream 95% or do you want to be different?

Ease yourself into the warm waters of Gaslamp Ball, clothing is totally optional.