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Before the Blog: 10/14/1998

I recently found an archive of 3 years worth of old emails from 1998 to 2001. The basic premise behind "Before the Blog" is that I search the emails for references to the Padres and then post one of the emails each week for our collective enjoyment.

In 1998 we may have been a little naive. We had managed to buy tickets to all play off games that we wanted to attend. When the World Series rolled around we didn't think it'd be much different. We were calling up people telling them that we were going to buy World Series tickets to see if they wanted us to get them some. We called a lot of people, nobody wanted to go. "Suit yourself!" we said, still confident that we'd get tickets for ourselves. These emails show us facing the harsh reality that we were not getting World Series tickets.

Here's an email I sent to Dex and his response:

Wed 10/14/1998 10:00 AM

RE: Ticks

Come on over tonight. NO tickets.
I called forever and I got nothing.
It was kind of frustrating because
you know all of these other sons of
bitches are getting them and they
may not even be real Padres fans
like us. I talked to Kev and he said
he didn't get any. It will be fun to
watch on TV right?

Wed 10/14/1998 10:20 AM

RE: Ticks -Reply

I hate bandwagoners.  Seriously, even
when I wasn't a baseball fan, I was a
Padre fan.  All through high school
even went we didn't go to a lot of
the games, I still kept up with what
was going on.  When the Padres had
their firesale, I was disappointed, but
I didn't jump ship.  And now in the last
3 years when we've been going to the
games and we watched them go from
first to worst to first again I've never
said a bad thing about them.  And now
to think that we can't even get tickets
for our team makes me sad.  And to
throw salt in my eyes the game today
is at 1 and I can't even watch it.  What
a cruel twist of fate.