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Padres Fan Confidence = Shook

I'm pretty sure that I'm not real confident that the Padres can win another game before May. I'm also pretty sure that the team can't possibly be this bad. Then again, who am I to say either way? 

It takes a special kind of suck to require extra innings to beat an opponent on one night and then literally roll over and expose your collective buttocks to the very same team over the course of the next two days. The play is sloppy and uninspired. I guess batters are taking better cuts at the ball, but who knows if that's really the case?

I'm trying to think about things that I'm confident about as I register today's vote a just above zero confidence. I'm confident in our relief pitching. I'm pretty confident that we need a new first baseman. I'm also relatively confident that, even if we currently had Adrian Gonzalez, this collective suck would not have been cured, so there's that.

The Padres are officially the worst team in Major League Baseball right now, which is saying something, because the Pirates still exist. Also, having gone to several games this season, Petco Park is almost officially a tourist heaven.

I never did get around to telling the story before, but at Gaslamp Ball the Night, four whole rows of Padres fans (probably amounting to about 80 people in all) all stood up to cheer on Nick Hundley as he tried to spark a comeback in the bottom of the ninth inning, and all 80 of us were told to sit down.

Think about that for a second. Bottom of the ninth. Our best hitter is up to bat with a runner on and we're down by two. We stand up, and we are told to sit down by an usher because somebody behind us, a Phillies fan I guess, couldn't see. 

We're apparently not even allowed to want to win at this point. Think about that as you realize that I am tallying a zero for the week.