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Rooting for Petco Park, Padres Tattoos and Guessing Fan affiliations

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  • 821748_medium Kohl's was selling a discounted 22"H x 28"W canvas picture of Petco Park today.  The sign was listed on SlickDeals but is now unfortunately sold out.  I was thinking that it'd be fun to bring the sign to the ballpark and hold it up every time a player's home run swing resulted in a fly ball to the warning track.  In effect, you'd be cheering for Petco Park as it's own entity, crushing the hopes of baseball players on both teams.  It'd be like rooting for the car in Driving Miss Daisy, the prison in Shawshank Redemption, the Death Star in Star Wars, the island in Castaway, the corn in Field of Dreams, etc.
  • 41ixnkzm1vl Dex and I were talking to Pad Squad Loxie earlier in the week at a game.  We were talking about giveaway ideas for the Padres and she thought they should give away fake arm sleeve tattoos, that mimic Mat Latos' own tattoos.  We agreed, though there'd probably be some crazy backlash, about how it'd promote kids getting tattoos and joining gangs or something.

    Dex started telling her about his idea, which was actually my idea, for the Padres to hire real tattoo artists to tattoo fans with the SD logo during a game. 
    The Padres should hire 2 or 3 tattoo artists, put them out in the Park at the Park during a game.  Then get a few hundred interlocking SD tattoo stencils.  Offer to give free tattoos to any fans that wants one, maybe even throw in a couple Padres tickets if they get one.  It's a win-win.  People that want a tattoo get one and the Padres get free advertising from these fans until their skin gets all saggy, leathery and wrinkly.  Plus once you've tattooed these fans, you've locked them into "Padres fan for life" status.  They aren't going to stray after that and if they do their friends will mock and ridicule them.
    I think we pitched this to Mentor like 6 months ago, but it's hard to tell if he likes our ideas because we throw so many crazy ones at him that he's never quite sure if we're being serious.
  • Img_0081_medium I was thinking that I'd like to come up with a photo gallery of baseball fans and then you try and guess the team they are rooting for.  I thought of this when I saw these fans at the Braves game the other night.  There is no mistaking that these fans wearing their hunting camouflage hats, Wrangler jeans and work boots are Braves fans right?  I'd have to take pictures of fans all year and it'd be a lot of work.