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Stuff from Last Night's Game

  • I'm so happy for Ryan Ludwick.  He's done nothing but struggle here in San Diego and he's been getting so much sh*t from fans, that it was a beautiful thing to see his redemption last night.  With the fear of sounding like the Sports Guy going back to his overused analogy, it was like watching Andy Dufresne climb out of that sewer a free man.  I swear he had the same look of relief on his face when he smiled after he unloaded on the walk off home run.  I just hope that this is a a sign that he's on his way to Zihuatanejo.
  • I was sitting up in Section 317 last night.  So when Chris Denorfia made his amazing diving catch and doubled off the runner on first, I missed it all. He practically dove into the visitor's bullpen and out of my line of sight.  It took about 5 minutes before they finally showed the replay on the video board and I was able to properly jizz all over the place.
  • I was sitting next to this girl and her boyfriend. I overheard her ask him "So when there are 4 strikes that means the batter is out?"  I couldn't take it anymore.  She tried to defend herself "I only know the basic rules!"  I snapped back, "No! You don't!  Three strikes and you're out is a basic rule!"
  • Pad Squad Loxie was the In-Game Host last night.  She did a real good job.  She was filling in for Pad Squad Jenna.  I was telling Dex the differences between the two.  Loxie as we all know is very enthusiastic, excitable and approachable and she comes across that way in her hosting duties.  Jenna, is more nonchalant, cool as a cucumber.  Which style do you prefer?
  • On the way out of the park, I saw Gaslamp Baller jodes0405 walking to the trolley.  I grabbed a squishy foam ball out of my coat pocket and decided to throw it at her instead of saying hi.  Midway through my wind up I see a couple walking through my line of fire.  I hold on to the ball just long enough that I'm able to spike it and hit the guy in the foot instead of the head.  He got all pissed.  "Relax dude, you're Keds are going to be fine." jodes0405 continued to the trolley unharmed and unaware of how close she came to a close encounter with a squishy ball.