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Talking and Chopping with

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SB Nation's Atlanta Braves Blog Talking Chop swapped 5 questions with us.  Here's their answers to our questions.

Which Braves pitcher will most likely throw a no-hitter against the Padres?  Try to pick just one.

Between Lowe, Jurrjens, and Hanson, I'd have to go with the latter. When Tommy Hanson has full command of his pitches, he's one of the ten best pitchers in the National League. He dominated the Giants in his most recent start and he really starting using his change-up to his advantage. When he first came up he was more of a thrower with his hard fastball, slider, and 12-6 curveball, but now he's learning how to pitch and when to effectively use all of his pitches.

Has the tomahawk chop ever been used in anger?  Was anyone hurt?

I don't believe we've had any injuries, though it wouldn't surprise me if it's been used on a Mets or Phillies fan from time to time.

When will Brooks Conrad get a start?

Brooks Conrad is an interesting fellow. The Braves would not have made the playoffs last season without him, but they also probably don't lose to the Giants if Conrad isn't on the team. As you mentioned, he's started off slow this season (1-for-10) and is yet to start. With his sub-par fielding, it's tough to imagine Brooks getting more than a handful of starts this season. Perhaps he'll start on Wednesday afternoon with it being the final game of a 10-game west coast road trip.

Which Braves player is the best to follow on twitter?

There are two that are great to follow, but one isn't even a real person. Australian relief pitcher Peter Moylan (@PeterMoylan) is a great guy and he's had some real gems. He's currently on the disabled list, but that won't stop his tweeting. The other to follow is @CyborgHanson48, especially on Wednesday. Good stuff there as well.

Chipper Jones in 2012?

I personally didn't see Chipper coming back in 2011 after tearing his ACL last season, but if I've learned anything from watching the Hall of Fame 3rd baseman play, it's to never doubt him. Personally, I think he'll be back, but I'm not even sure Chipper knows what he wants do to. Another serious injury or World Series title would probably play a huge factor in his decision for 2012.

Here's their Braves/Padres Series Preview