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At the Padres Wine and Food Festival

Wine snobs
Wine snobs

We went to the Padres Wine and Food Festival prior to the game yesterday.  Dex had been waiting for us a while and had already bought three drink tickets, which came with souvenir plastic SD wine cups. 

When Jon and I met up with him he handed Jon a plastic cup and a ticket and as I reached out for the third and final ticket he gave it to sdpads1 of RJ's Fro

We had to rush because by that time the Wine Festival was almost over.  We had to choose quickly from the 40 Wineries represented.  We were drawn towards "Wild Horse" Winery and once we were there we couldn't be dragged away.  Jon says he doesn't know much about wine, but it was good.

With only a few minutes left before closing time, it was just us and a butt load of tipsy cougars, which just happens to be Gaslamp Ball's target demographic.  So in the end everything worked out.