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Before the Blog: 10/19/1998

I recently found an archive of 3 years worth of old emails from 1998 to 2001. The basic premise behind "Before the Blog" is that I search the emails for references to the Padres and then post one of the emails each week for our collective enjoyment.

I get the feeling that people don't really like this new series of posts. I think it's important though for you to know that the writers from your favorite blog have been Padres fans and weird for a long time. Here's an email from Dex to me back in Fall of '98.

Sent:  Mon 10/19/1998 1:14 PM
Subject: RE: World Series
Sucks that the Padre's starters all have the flu.  
We should have been slumpbusting at InCahoots
on behalf of the Padres. I like the Padres chances,
because of the lack of DH. I think Gomez's
experience at the 8 spot combined with Hitchcock's
bat will be huge. I don't expect Torre to make any
big mistakes managing without a DH but Cone at
bat will at least hold off any rallys the Yanks
might muster.