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Padres GM Jed Hoyer: "We're not going to hit this poorly all year."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Four of the five Phillies starters could be number one starters on other teams.
  • The past road trip feels worse than 3-4.  The Padres had a chance to win every game.  "3-4 felt like a pretty big disappointment.  We didn't play very well."
  • "It's still mid-April, we've only played 18 games, you have to put it in perspective."
  • "We're not going to hit this poorly all year.  Intellectually we all know that, but while we're going through it it's difficult to watch."
  • The Padres were lucky to salvage a split against the Houston Astros.
  • Hoyer was frustrated after Game 1 of the Cubs doubleheader.  The Padres were 2-11 with runners in scoring position.  "You feel terrible for Dustin Moseley."  Even after winning the second game, the Padres didn't feel good about the day's games.
  • Hitters need to relax when they are hitting with runners in scoring position.  Hoyer thinks the players are pressing too much.
  • The team has 147 strikeouts, the second worst in baseball.  "Of all the stats that you bring up, that's the one that's most concerning."   You can't strike out that many times without power.
  • On Brad Hawpe: "He's struggling. I don't think there's any secret on that." Hawpe's numbers are the same as Jim Edmonds in 2008.  Hoyer uses him as an example of a guy that the Padres got rid of but ended up turning his season around.  "There are plenty of examples of guys have started out this poorly and then have great seasons."
  • At some point you have to make a decision on players like Hawpe, but the time has not come yet.  They are still confident that he'll bounce back.  Hawpe has an unconventional hitting style that makes it difficult to break down.  "He's certainly working hard, no one questions that."
  • Anthony Rizzo is playing great.  Hoyer wants fans to watch players in the minor leagues.  Rizzo has less than 500 plate appearances in AA and AAA and still has skills to work on in the minors.
  • Aaron Harang, Dustin Moseley and the bullpen have been outstanding. They gave Harang the home opener as a "tip of the cap" to a veteran player.
  • Hoyer finds it hard to comment on expanding the playoffs to 10 teams, since he doesn't know how they're going to do it.  The best teams should have better odds in the playoffs.  He does think more teams should make the playoffs.
  • The team was excited to get out of the freezing cold of Chicago.
  • Hoyer hopes that some day the Padres will have an above average offense.  "Hey, that's my job."  They have to use the competitive advantage of Petco Park.  He hopes to build up the offense through the farm system.
  • Hoyer talked to the Angels about Brandon Wood in Spring Training.  Sometimes you have prospects that don't pan out.  "Right now he's a good cautionary tale."  The Padres don't have interest because Alberto Gonzalez is doing well for the Padres.