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Around the Mission: 4/22 Padres Links

  • PADRES NOTES: Sources say Channel 4 out as TV partner
    "We had a meeting today to debunk the rumors," Channel 4 manager Dennis Morgigno said Thursday night. "We have not heard that the Padres have a new deal, but we are not negotiating with them actively. We have a good relationship with the Padres and will continue to have a good relationship. They have been a vital and good partner."

  • PADRES: Oswalt, Phillies relievers deal team its fifth shutout in only 19 games
    "There's not one or two guys who can carry the load," manager Bud Black said. "It has to be a collective thing. Right now we have a number of guys who are off offensively."

  • insidethepadres: Opinions...
    Was surprised to learn Brad Hawpe will get $1 million if the Padres buy out his option. His agent must be a smart guy.