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Padres attach giant Golf Club to Foul Pole

I saw this story about the giant club installation last night and I thought for sure I'd think of something clever to say about it, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

"The best thing about this is that it’s a San Diego company supporting the team," said Tom Garfinkel, president and COO of the Padres. "We’ve been proactive in talking with leaders of local companies about supporting us. … They accomplish their business objectives and we need that support. And we want to create things that are unique to San Diego."

I see that some of you are upset that it's there, like it's an eyesore or something. From what I can tell the giant black shaft isn't that noticeable for what it is and the head of the driver is just a sign on the outfield wall.

In case you didn't notice there's a giant paint bucket in sitting in left field, that nobody seems to mind, so why should I care about a giant golf club?

My only criticism is that the paint can is 3818 times the size of a normal paint can, this golf club is just 23 times the size of a real club. They should have made both of them to the same scale.