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Last chance to get Padres tickets for 30% off to tomorrow's game

This special offer will be taken down sometime this afternoon. This is your last chance to buy tickets! 

There are only a few seats left!!!


Buy tickets in Section 122 for 30% off!!!



Go to

Enter Promo Code: GBALL

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Gaslamp Ball the Night:

10.  It's college night at the ballpark.  All the college students will be sitting in the upper deck directly above section 122.  With any luck some hot co-eds will spill their beer on us.

9.  The Wine and Food Festival takes place in the park prior to the game.  There will be 40 participating wineries.  Think of all the wine snobs you'll meet!

8.  You can tell us in person that you're the one perfectly sane Gaslamp Baller and pretend that you're afraid to meet the rest of us "crazy" Gaslamp Ballers.

7.  You can visit the place in Section 122 where Jonny Dub did a head first dive onto the field going after a foul ball.

6.  You can get a foul ball stolen from you by  Section 122's own Foul Ball Guy.

5.  There will be more than 70 Gaslamp Ballers in attendance.  That's about 15 times more people than we expected.

The TOP FIVE REASONS after the jump!!!

 Well to be honest there are no more reasons to attend, just go buy some tickets already. 

They're 30% off face value, what more do you want?