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Around the Mission, 4/2: That's what she said edition

I'll add to this today, but my initial perusal of the internets tells me that errybody took yesterday off. I was really having high hopes for the comedic value of this particular link dump, but alas.....

PADRES: Extra inning magic gives Padres opening day win
"We fight, we claw, we hang around," [She] said. "We find a way to do it."

After one game, "Friar ball" alive and running in 2011 -
"The little things are not little things," said [she].

Jason Bartlett and Orlando Hudson found an immediate groove as the Padres' new double-play duo | News
"They're professionals, and they take pride in what they do," [She] said. "These guys have worked well together all spring. That showed today."

Saturdays are supes light I guess.