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Padres game postponed due to thunderstorms in Chicago, doubleheader tomorrow

Padres Rain Delay Friar
Padres Rain Delay Friar

Chicago_weather_medium I've been trying to find a picture of the Rain Delay Friar for a few years, but it's hard to come by since it never rains in San Diego during baseball season. I finally was able to capture the image last week and with today's announcement I'm able to use it.

I was telling Steve Quis during a Padres rain delay a couple years ago that the Padres should make rain and all-weather gear using this Rain Delay Friar Logo. I'd buy a Padres umbrella or a pair of galoshes with this logo. The idea was hesitantly approved by Quis.

#Padres game postponed tonight, will be played as day/night doubleheader tomorrow, 1120am PT and 405pm PT.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply