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Fan Confidence is down... PADRES FANS WANT A WINNER

I say that Padres Fan Confidence is down, but at the same time, we're well above the 50% mark, so it's actually pretty good considering we're rooting for a loser. That's right, Will Venable... A LOSER.

I think that when it comes to Fan Confidence, I get very philosophical. I am one who enjoys having actionable data and clear understanding of what I'm attributing a number to. For example, if somebody asks me how confident I am with the Padres, I like to say really annoying, dick things, like "I'm super confident... That they're gonna LOSE!" or "I'm not confident at all... THAT THE PADRES WILL MISS THE POSTSEASON!!!" 

That last one relies on double negatives, which people don't not hate even less than otherwise.

In any case, this is your semi-regular reminder to go ahead and vote on your confidence either way when it comes to the Padres. If you have trouble voting on these sorts of things and you don't want to be Debbie Downer NOR Mister/Miss Always-Ridiculous-Optimistic, here's are ways for you to consider your vote.

Treat Confidence like you should be treating your Netflix Queue
I am guilty of not doing this well, but a lot of times, I just "like" a movie and rate it 3 stars. Very rarely will I actually hate a movie enough to watch it all the way through and after I'm through hating what I have seen, I will very rarely go ahead and give the thing 1 or 2 stars

What this does is leave me with a sh_t ton of movies that Netflx figures I will just like and I continue on my vanilla existence, taking lukewarm baths and drinking coffee that's been sitting out for an hour, undecidedly wondering if I should bite the bullet and grab some ice and sugar.

In other words, Go ahead and BE EXTREME (in the day-to-day). If you're absolutely not confident in how the Padres are doing in the short term, treat it that way. Don't worry about GLBers who are like, "Giants Lover" or like "Blah Blah Lover". You just turn right around and be like, "Sheep Lover" or "Lemming Lover". 

Or Just always be extreme in one direction, never changing your opinion
It's your life. If you are always confident in the Padres then vote 100% each time to get your say in. If you're a Padres fan who has decided that they've been cursed since 1969, then vote 0 each time. Maybe you're a fan of some other team that just hangs out on Gaslamp Ball to get your regular dosage of Fairweather Fandom, just vote according to your favorite number. Subconsciously, you will be contributing to the collective Wisdom of the Crowd anyway. Your fate is written. The most important thing is to just vote.

And buy Gillette razors. I personally use the Mach3 so I'm probably a bad spokesperson.

Go Padres.