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Around the Mission: 4/18 Padres Links


  • Ailing Padres cook up their own remedy -
    When asked later about how many of his teammates might be under the weather, Richard looked around and said: "I think everyone is."

  • It was a battle, but Bell reaches saves milestone -
    "The biggest thing is consistency over time," Bell said. "In my mind, right now my streak is one. Tomorrow it will be zero again. All I’ll have is the four saves on the season."

  • PADRES: Bell bails out Venable as team salvages split
    "I thought Will had that ball," Bell said. "I had to pick Will up at that point."

  • Is it better to bunt or swing away with a runner on second base and no outs?
    If nothing else, the game of baseball is great for generating debates on in-game strategy.