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GM Hoyer shares his thoughts on Blanks, Ludwick, Rizzo, Bartlett and Tate

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer is visiting the Padres AA affiliate in San Antonio.  He's getting a feel for the players and the team dynamic.
  • Kyle Blanks is getting his first game in the San Antonio Home Opener.  "It's time to rip the Band Aid off and let him play everyday."Throwing is the concern as far as his injury is concerned, swinging hasn't been an issue.  It's time to stop looking at him as a player with Tommy John Surgery and start thinking of him at 100% healthy.  Blanks had a Sophomore slump in his second season in the big leagues.  He's on the Padres radar screen. "He's a guy that's ready for the Big Leagues".  He could play at first base or in the outfield, but the Padres are focused on him at first base.  Depth at first base will sort itself out, you never have a problem of having too many good players.
  • Hoyer is side stepping the question about bringing Anthony Rizzo up to the big league level.  "You'd love it if he broke the door down and made us call him up at some point this year."  He's young and he needs to develop and get at bats in the minor leagues.  Hoyer hopes that it's Rizzo's goal to be called up this year.
  • Hoyer says it's too early to focus on any individual players when it comes to the Padres poor offense.  "Our offense wasn't good enough."  They didn't execute or hit with runners in scoring position.  "Offensively we have to step it up."  He hopes that this trip to hitter friendly ballparks will help the team.
  • You have to give a guy like Ryan Ludwick 100-150 at bats before you can be too critical of him.  "His batting average is low certainly."  Hoyer is waiting for him to go 7-10 and get his batting average back to normal.
  • Jason Bartlett never had a back issue at any point in his career.  The Padres wanted to give him an extended break and let Alberto Gonzalez get some at bats.  It's just a matter of time before Barlett starts performing.
  • Seeing Bud Black get ejected after the end of an inning.  "That's a strange one, I don't know if I've ever seen that before."  Hoyer doesn't think it's good for a manager to be a showman, but they have to support their players.
  • Hoyer hopes that Black won't be juggling the line up around all season.  He doesn't blame Black for switching the line up until he finds something that works.  "It's a necessary evil while we're struggling."
  • Donovan Tate and Evertt Williams in low A both had MRI's, but the initial reports were positive.  The Padres were worried that both guys were seriously injured.
  • Hoyer thinks that Tate will be in Fort Wayne all season.  He never got consistent at bats due to injuries in the past season.  He has incredible tools, but he needs refinement.
  • Hoyer is donating $100 for every Padres win to Stand Up 2 Cancer.