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Matt Holliday to get appendix removed, glossary added

Unless this is some sort of weird April Fool's joke, then the rest of the Cardinal's series just got a little bit easier for the Padres. As STL Today reports:

Holliday experienced some soreness on Thursday night but it was only after it persisted through Friday morning that he was taken for examination by a doctor. [Cards GM John] Mozeliak said doctors saw Holliday before the organ ruptured.

With Matt Holliday out, we get to see some sort of outfield made up of John Jay, Allen Craig, Lance Berkman and Colby Rasmus.

Do the Padres take this information and jump with glee at the the fact that their nemesis is in discomfort or are we honorable and ask that we postpone these Cardinals games until such a time as which Matt Holliday may be better able to fulfill his position?

Does Jed Hoyer know voodoo? Is he responsible for this? What exactly is an appendix?

Go Padres.