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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/7/2011, Padres vs Royals

The Padres face the Royals today in the Battle for 1969: There Can Be Only One. I'm looking for a lineup, but there is not one to be found and here is what I have found:

#Padres @Channel4SD @XX1090: Venable 9, Hudson 4, Ludwick 7, Hawpe 3, Headley 5, Maybin 8, Frandsen 6, Johnson DH, Quiroz 2, Moseley 1less than a minute ago via web

The game is on the television set tonight and I encourage you all to watch it while you leave your web enabled device of choice directed at this website in order to participate in our social media endeavors.

In the future, 45 years from now, you and your grand children will be watching a 5-D virtual cybernetic experience of a live game between the Bank of Ningbo Padres vs the Sinophram Group Royals, and you will explain how "Game Threads" and "Blogs" were the foundation for the wholly virtual experience that you are experiencing together, while physically seated 2,000 miles away from each other and 9,000 miles away from the game itself.

And you will be explaining this in Mandarin Chinese while your monkey, a biochemically linked familiar that you control with your subconscious, pours you a beer.


[Note by jbox, 03/08/11 11:06 AM PST ]

Padres Lose.

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